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Lost And Found

July 28, 2017 2 Comments

Have you ever lost something that wasn’t that expensive, but it was such a part of you, traveled such a long road with you?  It became imbued with your energy.  

I lost a favorite bracelet, and didn’t expect to have such a dramatic response to the loss.  I thought I had come a long way from that type of overreaction.  I had other things much more worthy of my attention.

I searched everywhere for it.  I tried to find a replacement for it.  I googled it but could not come up with one place that sold them.  I was growing more and more anxious.  I loved it.  It felt like a part of me.  Even others noticed that it was unique.

I never left home without it.

Yet, how could I let something like this rattle me?  in the scheme of things this did not qualify as an important concern.  It bothered me that I could be so dependent upon a piece of jewelry.

But I knew that there was more to it.  I have been going through some challenges and it has to a degree taken its toll.  And this incident was a reminder to have compassion for the human.   For Maria.

I allowed the bracelet to be my way of expressing some of the sadness of letting go of so much of who I thought I was. It feels like there is so much loss in this process. As the human, there is a case to be made. At times it feels like the little child who has to wave goodbye to mom and dad.

So I let myself have a good cry,  I decided that it would be ok.  I would get over it, and find an even nicer bracelet.

This ascension process may feel like one loss after another, but it’s leading us to much more joy than we can now imagine.

After a few minutes, as I began relaxing into the comforting space that felt more of who I am, there was a knock on my front door.  It was a neighbor delivering me some of her home made soup.  We walked outside for awhile and talked.  It was nice getting to know her a little better.  She seemed like a woman who went through her own challenges and came out much stronger,  more self-loving and independent.

I thanked her for the soup and walked back upstairs to my apartment.  I glanced down at the hallway pavement and there it was.  Just sitting there waiting for me was my bracelet.   I picked it up, brushed it off and told it I really appreciated it.

P.S.  As I looked at it, I realized how worn out it has gotten, kind of like an old teddy bear or shabby blanket that a little child doesn’t want to throw away.   Lots of cherished memories.

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