Energy Update ~ The Crystallizing Process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba ~ July 23, 2017

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By Adi Gaia, 07/22/2017

Since the latest crop circle-
“We are now in full progress of internal reconstruction occurring as a result of the crystallizing process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba.

The upcoming Lionsgate followed by August’s eclipse fully opens the Light Portals allowing the embedded DNA genetic coding’s to continue altering the energetic substance contained within the higher Fifth Dimensional frequency structure. The effects on the emotional, mental and physical energy fields will already have been felt by many at this time. The pace quickens as our journey continues.

Many have spent the five years since the Cosmic Moment of 21 December 2012 connecting and integrating with the telluric earth energies of numerous sacred and spiritual nodal points across the globe. Collectively, this has created a complex higher vibratory Sacred Geometric energetic body to attract and sustain higher frequency particle substance around the lower third dimensional body. This will…

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