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Is This Planet Master-Friendly?

July 21, 2017 Leave a comment

Art by Maria Chambers

There is nothing you are doing wrong.  You haven’t taken a wrong turn somewhere.  You really don’t have any karma, or lessons to learn.  You are not really on a journey to your enlightenment.

You are here to experience what it is like to walk this planet as the master that you are.  You can stop pretending you are just human.  With all kinds of human issues and concerns.  You can stop pretending that you are trapped in your mind.  Because if you pretend you are, then you will keep trying to get out of your mind by using your mind to do it.

And we all know how that story goes.


Someone very wise has said that this is no Planet for masters.   It’s not very welcoming of our energies.  It doesn’t support the soul or the multidimensional beings that we all are.  It’s not interested in realizing its sovereignty, or in becoming more self loving.  For the most part it doesn’t really know what we are doing.  It’s not aware of our status as ascension pioneers.

People, bless their hearts, are boring.  Oh, they are smart, they may know how to converse on a myriad of topics.  But they are dense.  Obtuse.  They are one-dimensional. Because they are in reactionary mode most of the time, they spend most of the time wrestling with their mind and the emotions it generates.

Or they medicate themselves into a semi-comatose state.  So they are flat.  Colorless.  Their life is flat and colorless.

Have you noticed that the little ones are drawn to you?  You could be ninety years old, but if you are filled with spirit, they take notice.  Nature is drawn to you.  The creatures, even the trees.  They sense something different about you.  You are not the typical human.

People may have animated personalities, but they may not necessarily have spirit.  They may be quite exuberant and gregarious on a personality level, but there isn’t anything there as far as spirit.  As far as consciousness is concerned.  Celebrity status doesn’t qualify anyone to be the master.  Nor do any positions of ‘power.’

Have you ever been with someone who is intoxicated, and all their defenses are down?  They may think they are free at that moment, but really they are not.  They are trying to dull their pain.  And you can’t connect with them.

In a way that is what most of humanity is doing.  Their drug of choice could be work, relationships, sex, or actual drugs or medications for the mind.  They are still deep into the mind.  And it’s challenging trying to connect with them.  So it can be lonely.  Boring.

Art by Maria Chambers


We are more and more moving into states of consciousness that make all of the above irrelevant,    Oh, make no mistake, being here on this planet will be challenging as the master.  It will mean being less tolerant of low consciousness.  It will mean being more discerning of who and what we want to be in our energies.

But it also means we will be here in a way we have never experienced before as a human being.

I have reached states of consciousness I never imagined I could.  When I am in that place it’s amazing.  I feel a sensual connection to my body and my immediate environment that goes beyond my physical senses, and engages also the senses that I can only describe as other worldly.

Music is deeper and richer.  Taste, touch, sight all expanded beyond this dimension.  You could say my eternal self is experiencing life fully through its own creations. (Me, my flesh and bone body, and this physical environment).

In those moments I am not concerned about 3D issues like health, money or relationships.  In those moments I am self fulfilled, self-contained and just enjoying myself.  I could be doing nothing in particular.  No extravagant vacations or noteworthy activity.

In those moments I am not bored or lonely.  I am not looking for company.  I am completely fulfilled.  This, I imagine, is our natural state of consciousness.

And while in that state, I am able to drive, go grocery shopping and do other ‘mundane’ activities, but now from a whole different perspective.  Those activities become richer.  I do notice I am drawn to doing things that are fun, even if it means shopping in a more upscale store.

My soul seems to have expensive taste.

While in that state, I can feel into my past and appreciate it, and all the experiences I gave myself.  I can feel the sweetness of this planet and the journey I gave myself.  In those moments I am so in love with this place and with life.  In those moments I really like being here.

In those moments I am not looking for some state of perfection in myself or in anyone or anything else.  But in that space, everything is simply perfect.

So, the planet is not master-friendly.  Not by a long shot.  But the good news is, it doesn’t need to be.  For our purposes here and now, it’s perfect just the way it is.

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