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In this time we are in where so many incredible shifts are happening within us,
and in our Earth and Heavens, now the next step is up to us.
By our consciously linking from our hearts with the intention
to energise and strengthen the Unified Light Matrix.
That is now in a full circuit through us, our Earth and the songlines, grids,
water, Elementals, one with the Greater Central Suns
and multiverses since the June Solstice.
We can now bring this level of Divine Light more fully into actualisation
for the benefit of all life.
Creating such a scared space here on Earth that the distorted universes, their controllers and puppets can no longer play out their agendas.

It is up to each of us, we have the Power of Love, we are One with the Source/Creator.
Our love creates the world of peace and joy, abundance for all and when we are united nothing not open to Divine Love can exist here.

Now we can anchor the unified matrix through the dimensional realms and worlds,
integrated and one within each of us, and through the Earth.
The control programs, implants and deceptions will not be able to hold in the intensity of Divine Light and our Love as a combined and unified force world-wide.

So much gratitude for all your/our loving service.
This is the year for us to create through Love, how we choose to live and exist on Earth!!

The dates below all working with the lunar energies and
from the Full Solar Eclipse August 21, 22.
If you can connect at the time of the most influence as below,
but if that is not logistically possible then whenever you have the time, as there is no time. Simply knowing you are in the stillness and connected with everyone else.
If you only find out about this after it has started please join;
your love and presence makes all the difference.

Also added is First Light time New Zealand, AUST EST minus 2 hours, rest of world please use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html or http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ for vision impaired.

1. AUGUST 21/22
The first meditation begins at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21/22, Moon 28Leo52. This is the second New Noon in Leo exact 6.26pm 21st GMT/UTC
6.26am 22nd NZ.
The eclipse is total at 6:29pm 21st GMT/UTC and 6.29 pm 22nd NZ.

2. AUGUST 30
The second meditation is on the Moon’s apogee (moon furthest from the Earth) –August 30, Moon in 19Sagittarius40,
11:25am GMT/UTC. 11.25pm NZ

The third, the Pisces Full Moon—September 6, 13Pisces53,
7:03am GMT/UTC 7.03pm NZ

The fourth is the following week, last quarter—September 13, 20Gemini39,
6:24am GMT/UTC 6.24pm NZ

The fifth is the Virgo New Moon—September 20, 27Virgo27,
5:30am GMT/UTC 5.30pm NZ

The sixth is the first quarter—September 28, 5Capricorn10,
2.54am GMT/UTC 3.54pm NZ (now in summer time) AUST EST 12.54pm

7. OCTOBER 5/6
The seventh is the Aries Full Moon—October 5/6, 12Aries42,
6.40am 5th GMT/UTC 7.40am 6th NZ (AUST EST now in summer time 5.40am)

8. OCTOBER 19/20
The eighth is two weeks later on the Libra New Moon—October 19/20, 26Libra35,
7:13pm GMT/UTC 19th 8.12am 20th NZ

Meditating for ten minutes either side of the exact time is very effective.
If you wish to spend longer linking in please do.
As well as the unlimited benefits for humanity and all life, you will also receive benefits on a personal level, heart more fully open, more present and expanding your awareness and consciousness.

It is important that you connect to the Source of all that is
in Divine Love and Oneness before commencing.
In your own way.
Or through connecting with your intention;
To the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun, as the golden light flows down from the outer Suns, down through your crown, head, neck, chest and into the Sun in your heart. Through your body, legs, out through your feet, down through the earth to the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth, connecting there.
Then energies of the Inner Earth Sun up through the earth, your feet, legs, body, heart, neck, head, out your crown, back through the outer Suns, you are connected like a tree.
Now with your breath and or intention having awareness of the Sun in your heart as your divine self illuminates out through every cell of your physical body, through your etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, one Gold Body of Light from the Source within you.

Take some deep breathes to allow yourself to go deeper into the stillness within.
Connecting to your heart centre, feeling the love.
Aware that you are connected through your heart to the One Heart of everyone else that is participating, who you may not know, but are there worldwide.
Also aware that we are connected through the Light Grid
of our higher selves and divine essence.

Now with your love, intentions, imagination know that the love of the Creator flows through our One Heart and through the Unified Light Matrix.
That is now fully connecting us to all life and through the Greater Central Suns, through the Inner Earth Sun, through the elementals, the grids, through all the water of the earth and us resonating and glowing, sparkling with life force energy.
Hold that awareness for as long as you feel too, then allow.

If you get guided to places where there is a lot of negativity, see everyone there as divine, at peace within, open hearted. Don’t buy into the fear/illusion.
See with your heart what is the greater reality, the divine in everyone and thing.

Complete in your own way with gratitude to the Creator, Mother Earth, all life and each other.


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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