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I Don’t Have To Be…

July 17, 2017 4 Comments

Art by Maria Chambers

I don’t have to be fearless.  My soul is.  I don’t have to be issue free. My soul already is.  I don’t have to have my act together in order to allow my soul to be with me and to feel her love for me just as I am.

I don’t have to be totally healthy, or wealthy.  I don’t have to have ironed out all of my relationships.  I don’t have to have it all figured out before I can enjoy life here with my soul.

There is a misperception that we must have resolved all our issues, that we must become a human who is fearless before we can be worthy of the love and the support from our soul nature.  So what happens?  We end up beating ourselves up because that is asking the impossible from our human self.  Already we have been making our human mind and personality responsible for our life, for our health, for our wealth, for our happiness.  Now we are asking it to be responsible for our enlightenment.

What I am discovering is that I can access and maintain states of consciousness that are blissful, peaceful, and passionate.  No, not 24/7.  Maybe I will eventually.  Maybe not.  It doesn’t matter.  And at the same time I still feel the emotions of fear, sadness, hopelessness and anger, to name a few.  But I now know that I can still be aware of those emotions without reacting to them.  They do not have to be gone from my consciousness in order for me to access my Divine Self.

Art by Maria Chambers


To be in the world as the Master you know that you don’t have to sequester yourself to a mountaintop somewhere in order to feel your bliss.  You can be in the world but not of the world.  And so it is with our thoughts and the emotions they generate.  We don’t need to run from them in order to still feel our expanded states of consciousness.

And when we recognize that truth, those emotions are not as compelling anymore.  We no longer need to feed them.  That doesn’t mean they are gone totally from our consciousness.  This is important to recognize because otherwise there is a whole lot of consternation around not feeling ready or worthy of enlightenment.

Then there is a whole lot of missing the point of this whole transformation.  If we are waiting to be some sort of perfected human, we will be waiting a very long time.  It’s like some people in the New Age community waiting for the rest of humanity to awaken before they do.  Or waiting to be hurled into some sort of 5D nirvana, where life is beautiful and perfect.


That smacks of religious rhetoric telling us that if we repent and cleanse ourselves of sin in this life we will have a seat reserved for us in heaven.  Relative to ascension, the ‘sin’ in this case is all the ‘imperfect’ human issues and emotions we need to get rid of.  Interesting.

Certain religions judge the darker emotions as the devil’s doing.  That’s not surprising considering humans have mostly been in denial of their shadow, of all the repressed emotions that another part of us kept for us out of love.  The parts of us we rejected, our soul did not.

Our feelings of shame, anger, doubt, not feeling good enough.  All step-children that were relegated to the basement.  No, those emotions are not who we truly are, as each of us is coming to find out.  But we have also discovered that repressing them, not acknowledging their existence creates havoc.

Our eternal self has no problem with those emotions in us.  While it will not participate in them, our soul does not judge us based upon how we may be feeling.

It’s  hard for the human to imagine such a partner that could love us so unconditionally. So I guess we are going to have to just get over it!  Get used to such a deep, respectful and profound love that is coming from….us.

So, as the human, the only thing I have to be is aware.  Aware that life feels so much fuller and richer when I relax and allow ME, the other part of me, to love me.  It’s such a simple truth.  And it took such a complicated path to get to it.

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