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When You Are Ready

July 16, 2017 Leave a comment

When you are ready to let go of a situation, physical or emotional condition, or a relationship, you will.  And not a moment before.

And when I say you, I mean whichever part of you it may be.  Even the physical issues, which for the most part are inherited, can be transmuted.  But if it seems to be slow, or if there seems to be no progress whatsoever, it’s because it’s not ready.  Whether it’s the body, or the mind.

Even those of us here are on the accelerated path compared to the rest of humanity, there is still a process involved in our integration or it would overwhelm our system.  It’s already overwhelming us.  Imagine if it was even more intense?  Yet it’s really hard to be patient with this process, and many of us at times wonder if it will ever happen for us.

We are told to accept where we are at, and to have patience with our body in terms of it needing to catch up with our consciousness.  But sometimes that body with its inherited issues is a real buzz kill.

You’re finally getting this joy thing, feeling your soul and the sensual nature of life, and BAM!  You’re hit with yet another physical challenge, or maybe it’s emotional.  Or something you are experiencing worsens.

So you try to reconcile it, and you understand that often when more light is introduced into our cells, it triggers these conditions and dis-eases that need to be released.  Sometimes we unknowingly are also taking on the issues of those around us.  But we also know that this will no longer do.  And if we are absorbing others’ stuff it must not be processed by us, but allowed to move through and out of us.

Well, all of this makes sense and it’s happening, albeit slowly, much more slowly than any of us bargained for.

But meanwhile, trying to force or accelerate a healing or our enlightenment in general doesn’t work.  But it can be accelerated by allowing it to just happen, and not try so hard.

I find it so interesting that people swear by certain products or methods that they claim healed a condition for them.   A particular product that worked miracles for one person did nothing for another.

A friend told me that he couldn’t find an adequate therapist and each one he tried to work with was unprofessional.  I told him that maybe he wasn’t ready to look at the issue he was dealing with because it was too painful.  So not being able to find the ‘right’ therapist was not surprising.

How many of us have done extensive and exhaustive research on a condition and all the possible remedies, found one, tried it, and it didn’t work?

If we were told by someone we trusted that eating Hershey bars three times a day would heal our body of a particular condition, that method would absolutely work.  But not because we believed it would, but because we were actually ready on whatever level, to let that condition go.

We don’t like hearing that so much because we like to think that we as the human personality are in control of that decision.  Well, we do control it to a large degree by our resistance.  The more we try and struggle and analyze, the more we keep ourselves stuck.  Because we as the human don’t have access to all the information.  And it’s not our job to get that information and wrestle with it.  It’s not important to know where the issue originated, because none of these issues are truly ours.


We knew this lifetime was going to be special.  We wanted to be here at the most potent time in the history of the planet to bring in the New Energy.

Image Credit Maria Chambers

And part of that process was to take on a very real, human life with very real human problems to become the compassionate teachers, leaders, mentors.

We were already advanced souls.  We didn’t need to really be here.  So all the issues and problems we have been experiencing are really not ours.  We need not take any of them personally.

And even knowing that, while it may be comforting, doesn’t automatically resolve all these issues and problems. These issues will resolve themselves when they are ready.   In fact it’s not even resolving that happens, but they simply move out.   So we can roll our sleeves up, tackle each issue one at a time, spend our time and energy and money on potential solutions and still have the same results.

Our job through this process is to make ourselves as comfortable as possible.  Certain products and methods can help allay symptoms which is fine, but the energetic imbalance won’t resolve until it is ready to resolve.  Not a moment before.

Our only job is to relax, and find ways to feel good.  Why?  Because feeling good is our natural state of being.  All the other stuff isn’t.    Honor all the feelings as they come up.  Don’t wrestle with them if possible.  Don’t try to get it ‘right.’

If your mind gets all wound up, maybe go do a crossword puzzle.

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