Understanding Your Self Fully So That You Can Intentionally Change “That” Program ~ July 15, 2017


Hi Folks! you mau have noticed that I AM not posting quite so much recently. Why? Well, once again, I AM on vacay with my Mother in N.C. and spent all day yesterday flying here from Oregon.

However, my need to share important spiritual information (in my book anyway) will lead me to post…but just a bit less while I AM on vacay. So…thanks for taking your time to check out this GREAT  post from Lis Trancendance Brown, relax…it’s only going to get better, and…


Aloha beautiful love family,

 Higher knowledge and Mastery is not looking “out there” and pointing the finger. That is duality and being a victim to a program and belief that each hold within. The true POWER is SEEING the program and REALizing that is YOUR CREATION and that the PROGRAM for THAT is held deeep deeep deeep within. The Gift and Ability that each…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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