Gateway preparation: July 13-17 – Correction

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

UPDATED – Yes, July 23 is the next trigger, not June 23. Linear tasks are challenging! Stargate connection at 2-4pmPT today. Meditate, breathe, step outside, connect.

We are connecting with the Cosmic Stargates today through Monday (July 13-17), with an upcoming collective trigger on JULY 23.

You may have noticed the timeline shifts as this approached; the time-standing-still sensation which occurred in several moments yesterday. Also note the clarity of the SUN has brightened again; let this be reflected in your own heart.

During this morning’s Gatework a palpable shift was made; I also received a nudge to encourage more Lightworkers to get involved in the preparations for August. I AM sure most of you understand why the Higher Team is encouraging this preparation.

Many have asked about participating in Gridwork, preparing for the eclipse, participating in the New Earth Grid activation, and what the eclipse means in the USA and on a Global level. I AM creating a video to review all that has been received and shared about this very esoteric and transformational passage of the August Gateway (August 3 -25).

The video will include:

  • how to participate in Gridwork
  • working with the New Earth Grids
  • activating the eclipse path for maximum effect
  • preparing your local portals & Gates
  • preparing your Self to receive
  • the metaphoric and grounded meaning of the eclipse Gateway

Videos take time to create; thank you for your patience. Gatework is a priority.

Kindwhile, let us unify as ONE in this Divine Service. Get out on Gaia with your crystals, meditate, open up those hearts and assist in birthing this next level of Divine Light!

August Eclipse Part One video:


In Love, Light and Service,


Global Meditations SUNdays at 8:11am PT, 11:11am PT & 5:11pm PT
Gateway Preparation July 13-17
July 13-17  Gateway – Stargate Openings
July 23  Cosmic Trigger – Hearts Up for Unification!
August 3-25  GATEWAY
August 21  Total Solar Eclipse
September 21-25  Equinox Gateway/Cosmic Trigger
December 21-25  Solstice Gateway

Source: Gateway preparation: July 13-17 – Correction

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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