TRUTH EARTH – Synchronicity Report/Awakening Others Report – 7-3-17

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Synchronicity 2

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Today I experienced an amazing synchronicity with one of my semi-awakening co-workers. One of his patients had 11 beats of v-tach at 1:11pm while he was out of the room. When I remembered to notified him several minutes later that it happened at 1:11 he said he was watching something titled 2:22 (we have downtime so we can surf the web on our iPads and phones). When I went to look down at the clock I noticed it was 1:22 pm. I tripped out on that for a few minutes…

  • Awakening the Dead

One of my other very un-awakened but ‘getting there’ co-workers was asking me about the meditation I do every Sunday. I explained to them today the effects meditation has on the world and she went on to tell me about this Yoga meditation that…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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