Journal Entry 06.16.2017 – The Life of Birds

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 06.16.2017 – The Life of Birds

One of my favorite local wetlands, Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve, offers an unparalleled opportunity for photographers, bird watchers and the local public to observe the secret life of birds… at least to a certain degree.  In the months that I’ve been visiting the wetlands, I’ve seen baby birds grow up into adults or near adults.  I’ve heard their squawking complaints when hungry, the flapping of wings, the irritated croaks from adults at their over-active youngsters.  I’ve observed the patient fortitude of parents off diligently seeking food for their feathered families.  I have seen the dangers that lurk for unaware youngsters in the presence of silent, patient alligators.  I’ve seen the marsh turn green with the onslaught of the seasonal rains, seemingly turning overnight into a lush green paradise of sparkling waters and bright blooms.  It is a privilege to visit this place, which…

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