Journal Entry 06.11.2017 – Rainy Season

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 06.11.2017 – Rainy Season

Florida has two seasons, dry (autumn / winter) and wet (spring / summer).  What doesn’t fall as rain, takes the form of massive humidity.  However, this late spring season is proving to be one of the wettest ones for many years.  The local ponds are full and with more rain, will be over-flowing.

I snuck out early this morning, but even at 07:30 EDT it was 81 degrees F and extremely humid.  It’s the rainy season in Florida.  Everything outside feels like a 24/7 sauna.  It takes a little getting used to the humidity.  Personally, I think I can manage dry heat better.  Still, I got on my walking shoes and headed to my favorite wetlands.


The water levels continue to climb leaving the boardwalks only a couple of feet above the marsh.  At Wakodahatchee, the baby birds are still growing up and it…

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