Cosmic Weather ~ Physical Avatar Report, 06~05~17 ~ June 5, 2017


By Irma K. Sawyer, 06/05/2017

Hello friends. I have been reluctant to comment on the strange vibes and astral anomalies as I thought it was my stuff. I’m emerging from a highly stressful period in my life related to a passing in my family. Upon wise counsel I was informed this morning that it’s definitely not just me, so I took a closer look.

In Gemini season the astral is busier than usual, there’s nothing particularly odd about that. However, there have been more timeline bleedthroughs lately which is why some days can feel like 12 hours long instead of 24. Since linear time is a construct anyway, that makes sense. There’s been plenty of Gemini “hall of mirrors” offloading and projections going on too and many people have reached their BS quota. 

Due to recent attacks in the U.K., the collective grief and fear has been strong. (We love you…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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