A Couple of Jon Rappoports (6-1-17, 6-2-17) about that delightful “US Pulling out of the Paris Agreements” Deal…

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According to what Jon writes in the first article below, there was nothing binding about the Paris Agreement (which is what I hinted at in this previous Kp blog post), because the US Senate did not approve it.

The second article points out how Al Gore exemplifies those who have tried to profit from the “global warming” (fear mongering) agenda, and apparently has done pretty well (financially) because of it.

Historic: Trump rejects Paris climate treaty (6-1-17)

“June 1, 2017, a day that will live in infamy for the liars, thieves, and killers of the new international economic order. They will see it as infamy, because their plan to sink the economy of America into a final death rattle has been rejected by Trump.

“Fake climate science has been the lynch pin, justifying orders to cut CO2 emissions—but make no mistake about it, cutting emissions means cutting energy production…

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