The 7 Most Frequent Synchronicities ~ June 2, 2017

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Posted by eraoflight

Life is full of coincidences. A good number of these coincidences are referred to as synchronicities. Their occurrences are undefined but they do happen. Synchronicities have their meaning related to each other. Although they are related, the cause cannot be explained. Synchronicities are real and must happen. Never should you fear if you happen to be a victim-you are in a universe full of its spirits.

Among the many synchronicities that happen, seven are most frequent. They include:

1. Discerning recurring digits in numbers for example 1111,222 and 333

Many people consider the repeating numbers to be associated with spirits. A good number also conjecture that the numbers are a guide from the angels, spirits for them to follow.

2. Someone calling on you, making a call or texting after contemplating on him/her

Many people like using phrases like “I was thinking of you!” when you ring…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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