Energy Update ~ Healing The Healer and Relationship Shifts ~ May 25, 2017


By Jelelle Awen, 05/25/2017

Increasing frequencies of love and light continue right now and have been strong over the last few days especially. They feel almost like a pounding into Gaia and into each of us, to whatever degree we can let them in. A pounding in a good way, like a thundering heart beat to pump more love blood to the souls that need it. The time lapse from desire to thought to manifestation is REALLY speeding up….especially if what you are desiring is based on your soul purpose to serve love here and connected to a genuine desire to heal. And, especially if this desire is coming from your higher self, sacred human self, embodying more and more your healing heart AND your healing soul.

Guidance from your higher self is more acute and obvious too….coming through a sense in the heart, feelings of soul resonance, dreams, visions…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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