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Say Goodbye to Guilt

May 21, 2017 5 Comments

Art by Maria Chambers

We can’t take the emotion of guilt with us into the new energy, into our embodied enlightenment.  That emotion has had its day.  It serves no one, especially ourselves.  But it’s seductive.  It loves trying to pull us in and make us feel responsible for others.  And of course then we see that emotion reflected back to us by others in our life.  Some of them love to make us feel guilty, to make us responsible for their unhappiness, or for their joy.  

Guilt has been resident within our cells for a very, very long time.

Even though we have nothing to feel guilty about, there is some resistance to giving up that bad boy.  Giving up feeling responsible for others means that we are in complete ownership of our joy.  It means we are no longer making them responsible for us feeling guilty.

Imagine that.  Having the audacity to feel good.  To feel happy.  To feel carefree.  Even if someone else feels hurt by our choice to follow our heart.  Wow.  That takes a Master of their own emotions.  That takes someone who trusts that all is well. That they are wise enough at this point in their enlightenment to trust their choices.  Someone who knows that by choosing to serve themselves, they are also serving everyone else.

Art by a Maria Chambers

Self love includes loving ourselves just as we are with all our human fears and insecurities.  Self love also includes choosing to feel good.  Guilt is not an emotion that occupies the same space as love.

Guilt has been thrown into the same space as love.  So has obligation, expectations, sacrifice, suffering, worrying and other forms of pain.  We have been living in a world where it is believed that love hurts.

The world consists of well-meaning, caring people.  But they walk around conflicted. They want to follow their heart, but their mind tells them that would be selfish and  careless.  Yet following their true heart resolves all of the conflict.  The inner and the outer.

But we on the forefront of the consciousness change are creating the new templates for the self loving human.  So, continue doing the amazing work you are doing.  Continue following your heart, not your mind.  Because the mind doesn’t understand true love.  Say hello to more joy.  To more confidence.  To more carefreeness.  And say goodbye to guilt.

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Source: Say Goodbye to Guilt | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

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