Energy Weather Update: Fire and Honey (+ Seasonal Inspiration from a blog sister)

Sophia's Children

Pollination by the Bee, by Louise Docker (2011). CC via Wikimedia.

There are musings, themes, writings, and offerings in the creative cauldron, bubbling away and readying for emergence in these curious times … stay tuned.

For now … Fire & Honey ‘Medicine’.

First, the Fire bit.

That’d be one key theme in the current energy weather, though the Honey part is linked and offers up some possible remedy – actual and symbolic.

Using Astro-language for the current Energy Weather, there is a Fire Trine in play:

• archetypal rebel and ‘creative nonconformist’ Uranus (Prometheus) in Aries;

Saturn, the archetypal master teacher and gatekeeper to Sophia, in Sagittarius; and

• the “what are we supposed to be leaning into”North Node, after its voyage through Virgo, now in big, generous-hearted (or epic stage-hog) late-Leo … a noticeable shift in the collective (un)conscious.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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