Tiffany Fontenot 5-11-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis… of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode”

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Some may be interested in Tiffany’s RS analysis of the Bill Ryan comments about Corey Goode. From my view, she’s hit it right on. And in my view, it’s time for us to “move on” from this. And it continues to show the usefulness of Reverse Speech as a tool to get “inner data” from what people actually say in their forward speech.

“Bill Ryan is being sneeky by making up the concern that Corey is lying which then causes others to feel as if Corey is lying. He is spreading disinformation.

“…Bill is saying in his reversal that Corey is an Earl. Meaning that Corey is being genuine when giving information about his Blue Avian experiences.

“Looks like there are elements in a navy somewhere (a later reversal in this set appears to link this naval group to Kissinger) who are trying to block in various ways, people from…

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