Yesterday Trump fired Comey… Today a meeting with Lavrov… and then Kissinger… “Is the “End Game” upon us?” (with a Bix Weir or 2)

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I feel, very strongly, that the answer is “Yes… big time”. I listened to this short Bix Weir video message (I’ll place it and another longer one at the end… listen to the first 5-10 minutes of each and you’ll get the gist) and it was clear to me that now is the time for this “end game” process to begin. I’m sure many will align with this, some will not. All I know is that I am feeling (sensing) a very uplifting (clearing and expansive) energy with all of this.

This is what Trump has come here to do… “Drain the swamp”. It may not appear “pretty”. All old illusions are being seen for what they are. And will be dropped. The “nice lookers” are being exposed. And removed. This is what Trump has come here for. It will get done… soon.

And now a few pertinent…

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