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It’s a Great Time To Be Alive!

The Shift is the mass migration of humanity into the second tier of consciousness. This is where basic values transform into spiritual values, where caring hearts blossom forth into action to serve humanity in ways that represent their personal, highest joy.

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Energy Update ~ Waves and GeoMagnetic Storms Taking Place ~ May 30, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

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Energy Update ~ Waves and GeoMagnetic Storms Taking Place ~ May 30, 2017

By Diane Canfield, 05/30/2017


Today around 4 pm I felt a huge wave coming into my consciousness. This wave wrapped around my entire body enveloping me in it’s light. I felt dizzy for a few minutes and out of balance. I was sitting in my living room talking to my daughter when it occurred. We were going over future plans and suddenly the wave struck me. I had to tell her “hang on there is a wave coming in right now”. This is not the first time she has heard this line from me. She waited until I composed myself and I was able to get back into the conversation. Since I have been feeling these waves for so long I can easily recoup when they take place. This is vital going forward that they serve their purpose and then we can move on from them. This is the same for all symptoms of ascension and anything psychic that takes place. We must acknowledge and respect the upgrades as they come in.

When these waves come in, they take over the whole body and consciousness. There is nothing a person can do but to pay full attention to them while they last. This one lasted about 5 minutes but they can be longer or shorter. They vary in length and intensity depending on what the light codes are for the wave.

This wave in particular was upgrading our systems to prepare for the next waves to arrive. There will be more waves coming in the days, weeks and months to follow. More and more will feel these waves as they become more sensitive to ENERGY. For those that already feel the waves, be confident they hold the codes we need to ascend. Feel the waves, integrate them and then move on.

Energy is what the entire Universe and every being is made of. We are all electrical energy manifesting as matter. The core of who we are is the electrical Divine essence which flows inside each one us. As more awaken they will awaken to who and what they really are.

Today and yesterday we are also experiencing geo storms that are causing many ascension symptoms. One of the most pronounced has been extreme tiredness. Along with this is intense thirst and hunger. (Although these symptoms have been in place since the shift of last month.) Intense body heat and sleep issues as well as lucid dreams as we change dimensions.  As with all space weather we must not resist but instead embrace these changes as they come. We welcome them because it is  through these symptoms that our DNA can be upgraded and our lives can ever be changed through expanded consciousness and the merging with the Divine Creator.

We are still in adaption mode from the Dimension and Timeline Jump of last month ( and that continued)  that I announced as it came in. This was an extreme jump in consciousness for all beings on planet Earth and in the entire Universe. This is still continuing as we process new waves of light with new encasements that come to us.

You may feel different now and indeed you are. You are vibrating at a higher frequency of light and in doing so you now have access to more of reality than before. Answer to questions will come quicker to you. Psychic abilities will start to come on line or become more enhanced. You may see beings from other dimensions and if you do- no worries they see you too. Do not go into fear mode as this will lower your frequency and you will not longer be able to see the higher dimensions as much as you could have.

As we are shifting many will begin to experience new abilities they had not had before. They will be able to tell the truth from a lie. They will need to reprogram themselves in order to understand how the higher dimensions work compared to 3D. They will no longer be able to run the programs of 3D. They just will not work anymore. Love and compassion are the staples of the 5D and above.

One of the ways to know you are in a higher dimensions by how much self love you have. The 3D world is a self love squasher. It is designed this way to keep everyone at a lower frequency.

Each of us is unique and has our own qualities and strengths. In 3D the goal is to be the same and conform to what the controllers want.

In 5D we are our unique and beautiful selves contributing in whatever special gifts we have. There is no stress or pressure to conform. Everyone is encouraged to be WHO they really are and their authentic selves.

As we keep jumping dimensions we get closer and closer to the Crystal Realm of light. Our consciousness transforms first, then our bodies start to catch up, each at intervals so we don’t do too many upgrades at once. It is all a Divine Plan of Creation.

Reality is not fixed but instead fluid and as we traverse other dimensions, many are starting to wake up to this fact. As we change and wake up, the world around us then changes and we create the 5D world we want.

The Light awaits you to jump in and experience the Universe for yourself !

I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

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Source: Energy Update ~ Waves and GeoMagnetic Storms Taking Place ~ May 30, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

Message From God ~ Surrender to Your Higher Self ~ May 30, 2017

Rose Rambles...

Posted by eraoflight, 05/30/2017

A Message From God: Surrender To Your Higher Self

There is a God. You have God. I am God, and I am yours. So then, how can your heart ache so? By what Divine Right do you allow your heart to ache?

Once upon a time, you were caught up in a whirlwind of non-accountability. You declared yourself a leaf in the wind, at the mercy of every wind that did blow. You declared yourself free game. You let the world take you over. You took the line of least resistance and let yourself be buffeted by any breeze that blew.

You allowed your feelings to be hurt right and left. You allowed yourself to be a punching bag. You lay on your back in the middle of the road, and said to the world, or you wore a sign:

“Oh, okay, run over me. Do…

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The Summer of Metamorphosis is About to Begin ~ May 30, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By SisterStarAstrology

Hello Beautiful, 

This is Gemini season like you’ve never experienced. (That’s something I probably don’t have to tell you.)  Astrologically, it’s like you’ve been patched directly into a six-way cosmic conference call — between most of our our solar system’s major planets and the almost incomprehensibly immense transformational vortex that’s at the heart of our galaxy. Your field is one of the spaces where energy so high-frequency that it bends reality is being transmitted — and received.

The Galactic Center is the bright, glowing light that shines through the Milky Way, 27,000 light years away. The number of miles that’s equal to is so huge that it translates into equations, not zeroes. And guess what the most important thing is about that light that’s so bright you can see it from a number that your everyday mind can’t even begin to wrap itself around? It’s this:  our Sun —…

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What Is An Artists Role In Collectively Troubled Times | New Beginnings Guatemala

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What Is An Artists Role In Collectively Troubled Times

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in my last post called “When will they ever learn? Obedience versus Self-Responsibility” I shared my feelings about a collective need for the individual human being to become politically aware, and to follow this awareness with authentic actions. During one of the conversation which emerged from my sharing on facebook, a fellow blogger called me “brave” for how I expressed myself, which made me think. I wondered why anybody would experience my writing as courageous, while I myself simply feel in flow and aligned with what wants to be shared. And it made me curiously thinking about all the other channels and artists, and about how they receive and experience their art.
I myself love to sing. I had a bit of professional training and feel very confident to allow my voice to be used by the universe, when I am giving a treatment or am holding space in a ceremonial space. I love writing – obviously, and am not shy sharing without controlling what appears on my screen. 

When a friend of mine send me a message with this beautiful text, I immediately experienced a intense rush of energy flowing from my head to my toes. I had to get up from my lazy sitting position, straiten my back – activate all my conscious breathing abilities, and make sure to catch the vibration deep within my body. This is how I know that an article wants to be written or shared, and where there is collectively important information stored right now.

This article is from the website brainpickings, written by Maria Popova:
A Responsibility to Light: An Illustrated Manifesto for Creative Resilience and the Artist’s Duty in Dark Times

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work,” Toni Morrison wrote in her electrifying case for the artist’s task in troubled times.
“There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. That is how civilizations heal.”

But in such times of civilizational trauma, when the book of life itself seems to have come unbound, where are artists — who are not only human but perhaps the most human among us — to find the fortitude of spirit necessary for rising to their healing task? Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton and writer Courtney E. Martin offer a heartening answer in a collaboration that stands as a mighty manifesto for our time and a testament to the only mechanism by which the creative spirit has ever pulled humanity out of every abyss of its own making.

This is your assignment.

Feel all the things. Feel the hard things. The inexplicable things, the things that make you disavow humanity’s capacity for redemption. Feel all the maddening paradoxes. Feel overwhelmed, crazy. Feel uncertain. Feel angry. Feel afraid. Feel powerless. Feel frozen. And then FOCUS.

Pick up your pen. Pick up your paintbrush. Pick up your damn chin. Put your two calloused hands on the turntables, in the clay, on the strings. Get behind the camera. Look for that pinprick of light. Look for the truth (yes, it is a thing—it still exists.)

Focus on that light. Enlarge it. Reveal the fierce urgency of now. Reveal how shattered we are, how capable of being repaired. But don’t lament the break. Nothing new would be built if things were never broken. A wise man once said: there’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Get after that light.

Perhaps inspired in part by Sol LeWitt’s famous “DO” letter, and reminiscent in spirit of the Holstee manifesto and Neil Gaiman’s iconic Make Good Art speech, this vitalizing call for creative resilience began in response to the political turmoil of 2016, which left so many so dispirited. Hungry for a counterpoint to the despair and apathy of the cultural climate, Martin and MacNaughton created one themselves. Written shortly after Leonard Cohen’s death, the manifesto ends with a tender homage to his famous clarion call for democracy.

Martin, who has advocated beautifully for reimagining our cultural ethos of success and who wrote most of the “FOCUS” piece while walking in the desert of New Mexico with a newborn strapped to her chest, explains:

While creating it, we imagined people hanging this poster on their office and studio wall as a reminder that they are not alone in their sadness and fear, and that they must must must keep doing the work. It matters.

Three versions of the poster are available online — red, white, and blue, black and white, and rainbow — with all proceeds donated to Hedgebrook, a rural writing residency for women, whose alumnae include Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Dani Shapiro, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Sarah Jones.

And what did other artists come up with?
A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.
Leonardo da Vinci

If you want to really hurt your parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.Dear Ones, Alice Walker ones said “Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for”, and I have to agree entirely. Being in touch with the creative energy flow within is a very healthy version of directing our power for creation, into collectively important actions for the Golden Age of Humanity.
Artsy Blessings ;-)!

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Moving Beyond Scarcity To Embrace Infinite Love Abundance

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen
Why does it feel to you as if love is scarce sometimes? As if there is only a finite amount of it in the world? A limited flow that parts of you then feel you have to guard and protect? To preserve and save and put away?
The 3D world offers to you that love is scarce and finite and on limited supply. Your birth family conditioning supports this messaging and programming. You experience as a child how no one around you seems to be flowing in love. No one seems to be living in abundant love. No one seems to be willing to share it very much, yet only in drips and drabs. Only in crumbs that they seem to reluctantly give in moments where it feels safe to do so.
3D religions only offer love if you are free from sin, if you…

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