Energy Update ~ You Are Ready to Be Surprised ~ April 24, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 04/24/2017

The energies seem to ask us, relentlessly “so now that you know what you don’t want and that you’ve taken your power back – what are you doing?!”

As you feel now, all the work you’ve been doing — it was mostly about You, it was to step away from what you didn’t want, from what was not worthy of You.

All you’ve been doing, was in the name of finding your Joy – it was about getting ready for the life that’s meant for you.

Today is disturbing somehow, because you feel ready, yet life isn’t shifting. You’re impatient. You want it now, sort of feeling. You’re tired. It was such a long way.

Know that it always was a process, and it won’t land faster if you push.

It won’t land in two hours, but it could evolve soon actually. So feel the way…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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