Reclaiming Our Power ⋆ LOVE IN ACTION NOW

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Reclaiming Our Power



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How often we give our power away.

Lifetime after lifetime.

We give it away when we react to a situation instead of being the observer and responding.

We give it away when we pray and ask for something.

We give it away when we worship.

We give it away when we call upon arch-angels and other entities and when we channel.

We give it away when we look to another to rescue or save us.

We even give it away when we go see a counselor or healer and say “help me!”

I’ve done all of the above and more.

I continue to do it – in spite of myself at times.

Not that any of this is “bad”.  I’m not trying to cast judgment.  Certainly if I were drowning or trapped under a pile of debris I would welcome help. Or if I have experienced a tragedy and am unable to handle the emotional consequences, of course I will see someone to speak with.

I’m talking more of this overall behavior of seeking help outside of self as a way of living.  We have all been operating this vessel (our bodies) while pretty much driving blindly.

Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for doing such a damn fine job given our very very limited perception of Who We Really Are.

A growing rumble within is making itself known…

I want to remember Who I Am.  Not just these beliefs I have and my memories but truly – WHO I AM in my Sovereign Form.

And in doing that, ultimately I must listen to ME and ME only.  No other voice.

I give attention TO something outside of myself for truth and answers, I give my power away.

I give my attention TO something outside of myself expecting love or attention or x y z, I give my power away.

I am beginning to hear and feel within that each moment I doubt myself and turn away from Self….I do myself a disservice.

Each time I engage in the behaviors above, I pull myself further away from ME.

I see it as this ball of yarn and I have untangled myself away from it by doing the above for so long, my “ball” seems very far away.

Perhaps that may be why when I hear or allow myself to read something that does not resonate with me, I cringe within and at times, scream without.

I feel weary ~ like I am so close to this finish line of being fully ME and knowing fully ME – I want to rest for a time.

I want to wrap my arms around myself and sit in a quiet room, alone, for as long as it takes, until every bit of energy I have given away for each physical lifetime experience is returned to ME.

This is more than just wanting the memories restored.

This is more than just wanting my super powers restored.

More than my cells to be healed.

More than my DNA to be turned on.

I want it all back.

I want ALL OF ME back.

NO exceptions.

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