Energy Update ~ Heaviness of Energy, On The Cusp of Easter Weekend ~ April 13, 2017


By Esther Bartkiw, Whispers From The Soul, 04/13/2017

April 13th Energy Update: The energetics are getting heavy again and we are slowing down, again, feeling as if plodding in thick mud. Why this time? Venus Goddess of love, values, finances, beauty, creativity, relationships is getting ready to turn Direct after being in retrograde for a few weeks. We have felt the effects of this retrograde period strongly as we have gotten clear on what and who we value and love and even started making adjustments accordingly. Now Venus is ready to turn direct and what that means is she is slowing down in the sky and we feel that slow down in our lives. (Keep in mind that planets are not actually slowing down or running backwards, it just appears that way from our vantage point on earth.)

Today as Venus slows she is also in deep conversation with Chiron…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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