Love Yourself First – 3 Part Series by Contributing Writer Julie Ann Lindeen

Tiffany Stiles

Part One 1 first Image Source

Part One

I was participating in a yoga class on a seemingly ordinary day when I heard the voice of an Angel gently whisper, “Amarah, write.”  Amarah is my heavenly name or that which I was named by the Devine. The origin of Amarah is Arabic which translates into the words, “God’s Grace.”  This name is a perfect reflection of my soul. I am an incredibly powerful spirit and my energy is positive filled with grace, compassion, and love. If you were not aware, you have also been named by the Devine with a heavenly name that has been consistent throughout all of eternity.

Part One 2 second Image Source: Google

I was in a particular asana (yoga pose) and I replied to the Angel, “I am in my yoga class! I’m a little busy. Can we do this later?”  I just laughed at my arrogance.  I am humbled that I…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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