Twin Flame Monade ~ Upgrades, Interference and Symptoms with Twin Flame Soul Codes ~ April 6, 2017


“Upgrade from the Twin flame Monade

By Talaya Sri En Ra and Emmie Nikolina
Members of the Melchizedek Order – High Council of Twelve

Greetings from the Twin flame Monade,

This shift has changed everything.

The Twin flames, who balanced their Masculine and Feminine through their deep devotion to each other and to Mother/Father God/Self have ascended and shifted their consciousness as ONE into 5D consciousness and higher, and got out of the lower templates. We bow to you in infinite appreciation and gratitude. This departure caused a void in the 4d template and corrupts the original Twin flame soul codes at this point in time. This void is now massively interfered by 4D.

It has happened that through the Twin flame portals, you, dear beloved hearts, have done your work, while your counterparts merely took the Twin flame Union as a game, or as temporary upliftment. As a result…

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