Benjamin Fulford 3-27-17… “Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat”

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New weekly report from Ben.

Those wishing to (continue to) assist Benjamin in his “tight” financial times, may visit this Kp blog post. All I can say here is that he is addressing his situation, and intends to have alternative methods to collect funds for his work, in due time.

“[A video] purports to show the destruction of the Black Night Satellite that many people in US intelligence agencies like the NSA insist has been stopping humans from leaving the planet earth… This news coincides with announcements by NASA of age reversing pills and faster than light travel technology that will allow us to go to visit newly discovered earth like planets.

“CIA sources are also saying a secret presidential order was given to release free energy technology as well as existing anti-aging technology.

“The only thing that is blocking humanity from this future of immortality and exponential expansion…

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