Crow and Bear: Clearing and Balancing Energy (with Update)


UPDATE:  Balancing the Virgo Full moon energy with today’s Pisces Sun took place this evening right before midnight. The moon photo is added below

3.12.17: We’ve been at it AAAALLLLL Day and so much took place.  Very tired, but will share this one photo which sums up today’s events:


No filters, no adjustments. I realize this is lens flare….so what! It sums up today’s energies and the SUN burst that we felt and rode.

UPDATE: And this evenings moon….balancing the Virgo and Pisces messages and energies. Again, no filters, no adjustments. (Crow note:I have used this camera for a few years and never, ever had the results that I have today. Just saying)


IMG_3874 Virgo Full Moon, 3.12.17.  Venus is the bright spot 7 o’clock at bottom.

IT…. IS…. HAPPENING, and it’s happening fast.

More soon.  P-E-A-C-E

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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