DR VANDANA SHIVA : Nature and ecosystems self-regulate – a breathing holistic organism – Wolves Change Rivers – Whales Change Climate





Every living species on this planet has a role in keeping her alive.
Humans try to control nature, they dominate and abuse her.
We are part of nature.
And should respect her as she respects us.

How Wolves Change Rivers

How Whales Change Climate

Dr Vandana Shiva – Solutions to the food and ecological crisis facing us today.
“Over the years, freedom of people have been reduced to a very shallow form of democracy.

Going out to vote once in five years or four years depending on your electoral process, not being able to hold those you voted accountable.

Once they gotten part, they do exactly as they pleased, as if the only role of people in the democracy is as vote bank.

That is not democracy, because decisions made by unaccountable leaders are pushing countries…

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