Kp Message 10-30-16… “A Few Things”

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160731_kp_kilauea_p1010160_crop_240_24[Kp note: started writing on 10-29, but posted on 10-30, so I changed the date in the title.]

Not sure what those “things” are yet, but I’m sure they’ll come.

There’s a lot of “something” going on today, at least within me. There was a period of time today when I felt I was walking around in another dimension… definitely not here, fully, at least, and more like in a “dream” or “transparent” type of shape. It actually felt very pleasant, and very much more “at home” than living upon/in this 3D-4D-whatever type physical “world” thing.

I have “stuff” to do, as I walk and move and BE upon this planet… even though I know I AM a BEing of Light, yet I am here in the physical body, and I (apparently) have accepted that and know I have “physical type” areas in which to “work” (lots of…

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ZOE DAVENPORT: “Are You Loving Your Shadow Self?”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Shadow Self


Why looking at our shadow is integral to our spiritual awakening.

All shadow is is the lack of light and many spiritual practices shy away from our opposites – our shadow selves; this feeds the dark. This manifests into form to mirror back.  Now is the time to embrace all our parts with an open heart and a willingness to look deep within, to understand, to embrace and to let go.

This takes courage for when we truly step into our shadow it is about accepting this is also a part of us and as the yin and yang of life there is no light without dark for we would never have the contrast to relate.

It is ok to face that which we have hidden, for in facing our shadow we accept its presence, and in acceptance we are loving all parts of who we are.  The…

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bison_spirit_image_240I found this article a marvelous and captivating story, particularly as it came just before the appearance of Tatanka Oyate (Buffalo Nation) at Standing Rock (posted here). It reminded me of our complete connection with the natural world, and how it is our mission to REALize that, and be that.

And the Turtle Island, Hawai’ian, and other native beings and societies also call on the Greater Connection we all have… with the Cosmos. Their languages, to me, are Star Languages, and those languages and those people call on us to reconnect with that Great Cosmic Spirit within ourselves.

Read and enjoy this beautifully written piece.

“I have gone on vision quest after vision quest, meditated, and fasted for days looking for solutions to help my tribe, and my brothers and sisters protecting the water, earth, and air at Standing Rock by protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The…

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