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For those of you that are stressing about the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve, please take faith that initial measures have been taken to insure a not-so-hard landing when the … Read more

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Jeremy Corbyn Calls for End to UK ‘Arms Bazaar’ Policy in Middle East. No More Weapons for Saudi Arabia | David Icke

Source: Jeremy Corbyn Calls for End to UK ‘Arms Bazaar’ Policy in Middle East. No More Weapons for Saudi Arabia | David Icke


Varberg ist of August

Concerning 9.11…

Since this is a special date in many people´s memories, I feel that I would like to share my version of understanding of the situation.

I am European having lived in Kuwait and have had my senses open for a very long long time, having gone through The Iraqi invasion , the Us attack on Iraq, having heard many Swedish specialists doing their job saying there is no nuclear weapons etc and still it happened. Started to listen to what was going on underneath all that talk, what where they really aiming at?

So when 9.11 happened I was  dismayed for a while, stated early to question a few things..details now not so important..but many things did not fit to the story etc. etc. & months later I found two books, one Belgian writer, one a Dutch writer who started questioning matters too-

The I started reading article after article written by very highly respected people in The Us one after the other showing evidence that it could not have happened the way it was described firstly.

Well that it was an inside job as they call it was very clear to me after some time…and the gang behind the actions were a well known gang who had caused trouble in the world here and there for a long time..


THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE finally dare to see the Truth of the matter and stop denying the facts.

Realizing that Big daddy is not protecting them at all rather one has to be cautious with them. Also that the only person to trust in the end is yourself, working on your own issues, in fact growing up, maturing, not relying on others, systems, politicians etc.

Question everything everything………..

what is going on really?

What is behind the sweet words so to speak?

What do the politicians want ?

What do you want for yourselves and family?

A person likes a decent life, home and food and a healthy environment, living without fear and suspicions.

I am sure most people like a peaceful life and be friendly to each other and do help each other (the exception for a few)

It is more pleasant to live peacefully and beactive and creative and sharing.

Most people like to work to do things for others too.

Bypass the politicians stop voting for them. You can manage your lives without them.

Do not give your power away and trust your own capacity.

Of course people who are not strong and not well need caring and so, but we ourselves can provide that for them.
Accept the fact that 9.11 was an inside job..forgive them and move on but do not let yourselves be fooled again by their talks.

Somewhere we must start this journey and it is NOW.