The Arcturian Group ~ Chaos is a Cleansing Process Exposing The Unseen ~ July 25, 2016

Rose Rambles...

Nervous about what’s in the news today? Nah…don’t be, we have it from our Arcturian friends and this article shares with you why. In fact, I’m greatful for all of the chaos we are experiencing across the globe, as from chaos always comes resolution at a higher order!

So…please read on, know these chaotic moments are to be your last, and…


By Marilyn Raffaele, 07/24/2016

Dear friends, as we observe the struggles and confusion many of you are experiencing at this time we wish you to know that every thing happening is a necessary part of mans ongoing ascension process–these things are serving to wake people up. It is impossible to fully understand or figure out solutions with the human mind for much of what is going on is simply not what it seems. Instead utilize these times to rest more fully in trust, allowing intuition to be…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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