What Will Happen to All the Negative People?

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Belief Goes Beyond Biology

Energies on Earth are not uniform—not at this time, and I suspect not until you get to a dimension much higher than the fifth, if ever.  There are pockets of negativity—communities and even countries where the majority, though perhaps not all, are negative.  These areas, these situations, will very gradually clear up.  We’re all going together toward a very positive future that won’t happen overnight.


No matter that many people are dropping body for whatever real world reasons, at the behest of their soul, to be reborn and start afresh in this New Earth, many remain who have negative attitudes and outlooks on life.  “What will happen to them?” I’ve been asked.

They are not all going to suddenly disappear.  No fake Ebola epidemic is going to wipe them all out.  Not all of them are to be casualties of the many wars, earthquakes and other…

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VIDEO version: Message for the First Wave Ascension Crew — Surrender to Break Through – Infinite Shift

This is the video version of the last message. A technique that helps us unplug from the matrix. Don’t wait to start your new life! Free initial consultations can be scheduled here: http://www.parallelmin…

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Lisa Renee – Black Magic Grids

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Black Magic Grids

This is a time where we must learn how to practically apply our grounded and focused spirituality into our day to day lives and our interactions. We must be disciplined and accept the spiritual maturity and wisdom that is required to accomplish our spiritual objectives in the material world. Integrated Ascension is achieved through the balancing of and inquiring upon the contents of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is the task at hand for those on the Ascension pathway. This can only transpire if we have the discipline to hold self energetic mastery and mastery over the manipulation attempts of the dark forces, such as black magic (SRA), or the vampirism of the false architecture. One cannot be vampiric or parasitic to others, or self serving to a personal ego agenda and hold the sustainable Inner Light of God consciousness within.

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Denise Le Fay – Embodiment Wave Two

Embodiment Wave Two

Since April 18th it has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in this life. I woke up April 18th severely depressed, heartbroken, sad to my very core, in a state of deep mourning and all for I didn’t know what! I had absolutely no reason to be depressed, sad, heartbroken and feeling like I was mourning the loss of, again, I didn’t know what. The worse part about this was that it’s still happening almost two weeks later, not as severely thank god, but it’s there and it comes and goes now like an invisible breeze…or invisible Wave.

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9


It’s easy knowing something; it’s very different living through it. We all knew 2016 was a 9 energy year, but honestly, I don’t think many of us were really emotionally ready for it and what all it has, is, and will continue causing the rest of this year. Who knew that 2016’s Number 9 energy ( 2+0+1+6 = ) would be so heartbreaking, repeatedly, not to mention increasingly weird and otherworldly. I’ve had that old John Lennon Beatles Revolution song Number 9, rolling methodically in my mental background off and on this year, slightly amplified after every death of another person of Light I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated over the decades, Prince being the latest.

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GEORGI STANKOV – M7.0 Earthquake Literally Shook the Entire Planet – Registered Throughout Entire USA – 4-30-16

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Image result for pacific ring of fire



Georgi Stankov

“This could be an explanation why the PAT felt so badly the last few days. If this earthquake has shaken the entire globe of this uppermost mother planet, then it must have been accompanied by devastating MPRs, earthquakes and tsunamis on lower timelines that were separated around April 26th-27th as reported on this website. All timelines are closely connected and the End Time events happen simultaneously. Only their severity differs.”



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