Varberg 21 st of March 2016

Varberg 21 st of March 2016

I am doing like a summary for myself:
Trying to focus on what resonates with me and feels good in my heart at this point on my journey.

I am acknowledging my ”task” on this Earth Mother Gaia and also feel my direction.
I do not use the word ascension particularly, since I do not really know what that IS:

I have a vision and dream and great INTENTIONS to be in the 5th dimension because this sounds so mighty nice and pleasant in plain words.

I also know very much that inner work is so important. Removing shackles within and opening the space for LOVE THAT IS RESIDING THERE ALREADY can  MOVE freely and LOVE/LIGHT can come in from the crown chakra right through a clear channel without many obstacles that cause some blockages.

All this I have come to understand myself through reading, listening and listening to my inner voice.

Now what is next?
When I discover(which I do from time to time )that I have FEAR and sadness Sadness has been my specialty all along due to sentimental dwelling and so on)….

When I discover that I need to do the homework (like my dear friend in Florida Alice used to say)…

When I feel irritation because things don’t go the way I want, I need to clear that too. There are so many things and issues to be cleared out…

I KNOW it is going to be worth it, so I continue …….
When thoughts of lesser vibrations or whatever we call them pass though me, I ask them to take another route, acknowledge them maybe, but do not stick to them.

So this is how it feels today and by doing this work I also Know I am doing for others…what we do for One we do for ALL…

IT MAY APPEAR AS scrutiny of Self, but I feel also some people may be able to use this for is my wish too.

So the ”goal ”, so to speak, is arrival into source. SOURCE….BUT WHAT WILL I FIND THERE????? THAT WILL BE INTERESTING..HAVE NO CLUE YET.

IS IT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT, charming, loving place ?


Collective Awakening – 20th of march 2016

Collective awakening …here we go ready, steady, go!

We tip over, tip, tip, tip over, over, over. Let it lean over the very best for the globe Gaia Mother

What do you wish Mother?

Do you wish to feel a bit better and more relaxed?

More calm and content?

We will make you feel good as much as we will feel good with you.

Mother we are together in this, together, together, together we shall ….

Thank you, thank you, thank you