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The Health Library consists of three collections:

Alternative Medicine Collection Here are the books connected with naturopathy, natural hygiene and similar systems, concerns about vaccination, iridiagnosis, sclerology and other health/healing/medical matters.

Longevity Collection It is far easier to prevent degeneration and disease than to remedy them. This library collection is concerned with the question “what makes people healthy?” Prior to WWII, why did some peoples in some places on Earth enjoy exceptional life spans with far greater well-being? In this collection we offer books and other materials that explored these questions.

Herbal Medicine  Most of these titles are old, out of print herbal reference texts, along with a few monographs on specific herbs. This is a growing collection, dependent largely upon donation of old medical texts  for the library to scan and put online. Thanks to Justin Crawford, D.O., for having assembled this collection.

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