The Mysterious Truth of Being Known to the Heart

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

There are a number of philosophical or religious traditions that do not accept the unity of all creation as a “given”. They see a separation between the Creator and the created, between God and creature, with an insuperable gulf between them. The traditional Yoga of knowledge tends to dismiss this stance as a lower and incomplete understanding, or as another form of bondage to the lower Nature and the outer creation. For the practitioner of the integral Yoga, however, it is incumbent that the truth that underlies even this apparently contradictory formulation of existence, as consisting of a duality, be ferreted out and understood.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “If in their grosser forms these religions aim only at the ignorant joys of the lower heavens, yet there is a far higher and profounder sense in which we may appreciate the cry of the devotee poet when in a homely and vigorous…

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