Observer is Neutrality – Energetic Synthesis

 Observer is Neutrality

The Controllers have zero power over you, your thoughts and emotional state, when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer Point. When you can access neutrality and observer, you are refusing to engage with them and play their game of control. If you stay out of mental and emotional polarity (inferior and superior thought forms) and connect every day with your inner spirit, it is very hard for them to manipulate or control you. The Controllers have no access to control the Now Moment Consciousness and do not understand the self-organization of the Spirit of God Force in Action as the Compassionate Witness. When you are capable to maintain and then embody energetic balance to hold the neutral point (through observer with no attachment to outcome) the Spirit of God can access your being and bring resolution, reconciliation and peace to the most despairing of circumstances. Essentially, the act of pure observation through compassionate witnessing has the consciousness power that collapses wave form potentiality that makes a situation, event or object become physical, or it can shift the timeline event. When we observe events, the wave-forms are capable to be changed in how they translate into the physical environment. That is the power inherent in a human being’s intention when it is directed by the higher consciousness and spirit.  Remember fear closes the door to accessing the Inner spirit, while holding inner energetic balance opens it.

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The Oracle Report

Taken by wise owl holly.  a grandmother spider.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Unfolding Story of Deepening Grace – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Destanne Norris ART .... lotus ART : Destanne Norris

Unfolding Story of Deepening Grace


I was glad to see Mira say, in her last report:

“What matters the most is that you remain peaceful and calm. Stay on a level footing. Refuse to buy into the mass conditioning. Claim what is true for you. Join each other in prayer and meditation. Stay connected with each other. Find places of joy and happiness within and with each other. Laugh. Take note of what is happening and see how you can assist in clearing the energy.

“The focus is on the inner realms and in connection with the higher Realms of Light. You are not tourists on the planet. You know your way around. Create Love and beauty. Claim your divine right to be the planetary guardians and helpers. Release the old ways of being and expecting life to be the…

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Rabbit

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Tania Marie

And boy do I know the reality of that statement!

Having now had the honor of experiencing three magickal rabbits grace my life (well, four including little Twinkie who was only with me for a Summer when I was 12), I have seen first hand how these amazing beings can touch and change your life.

Not to mention have helped me to do all the things I do with greater power behind it, as together is more powerful than alone.

It’s almost not believable, the way my rabbits communicate with me and the things I’ve seen with my own eyes that were incredible. Nestor was a master Magician and was able to move objects and also relocate herself in her rabbit form.

Everything hugely magickal, including the major shifts into more of my essence and path in life, ALL took place when she arrived and has continued with Joy and…

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