Open Your Eyes. This is Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

Infinite Shift

by Sophia Love, My Blog, 11/6/2015

It is not that you are un-ascended or not enlightened. Even words like expansion are misnomers for what you’re feeling right now.

The primary thing to realize is that all of this already exists. It’s like the seed holding within it what’s to become the magnificent, towering oak tree. Yet it’s beyond that, for the seed holds a very specific blueprint, for a single tree.

YOU are the entirety of creation. It’s by choice that you express yourself now as human. We’re speaking now of pure potential. You are, you know, you be, everything.

You don’t “need” anything specific to ascend. Your only task is to locate your ascended self and allow her to be.

There’s no difference in creation. It is One. It is all.

This is potential. No adjectives or further descriptions can define what it is that you are.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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