Full Blue Moon Global Meditation | Spirit Science

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New York, USA: 8:00pm
Los Angeles, USA: 5:00pm
London, UK: 1:00am
New Delhi, India: 5:30am
Beijing, China: 8am
Sydney, AUS: 10am

“There is a massive culmination in the astrological grid above you right now.”


Full Blue Moon Global Meditation | Spirit Science.

Gaia Earth Star | Remembering We Are One


“Gaia Earth Star shares her insights about the Sirian Scorpio Full Moon on May 3rd, 2015 at 8:42pm PST. The Cosmic message from the Heart of Mother Goddess is clear my Dear Ones: “True Love liberates you”. We are collectively in those times of Ascension remembering True Love which comes from our Eternal Soul Self and has no condition or attachment. Let the pain and sorrow transform into the nectar of True Soul Love. Let go of attachment, forgive others, forgive yourself and surrender to the Love which lies within your Heart and Soul. Allow yourself to be reborn as a Beacon of Light, shining Thy Light for ALL in those times of Ascension. Amen!

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starts daily at 4am MST Sedona time”


Gaia Earth Star | Remembering We Are One.