Kim Mary – Higher Dimensional Frequencies – Unicorns Channeled Message – Light Codes, Soul Connection – 3-17-15

Higher Density Blog

Higher dimensional frequencies channeled in from the Unicorns

Light Codes and Soul Connection

Greetings Dear Ones we come with much love in our hearts for our brethren living in our beloved planet Earth, fondly known to us as Gaia. We come from the South of your equator where a portal has been open up to allow a stream of high frequency energies to be downloaded onto Gaia for the support and growth of all who reside on Gaia in these times of great change and enlightenment.

We honour all the brave souls who have chosen to help with the current transformation both personally and globally, to transform the heavier and discordant energies of the past still lingering in your energy fields and of others who have forgotten their own light.

The light frequencies that are now infiltrating your daily lives, are full of pockets of codes. These codes when one…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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