High Council of Atlantis Wisdom – Twin Flame Knowledge – 12-19-14

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Today I am going to share knowledge about the Light House Movement within the Lightworker Consciousness and Collective of Now and why that is. The Light Houses are those who have re-ignited the brilliant vortexes of compilation of double tetrahedrons, reactivating the caduceus of HOLY DNA with the 12 x 12 equals 144 within the 3D physicality and the corporeal higher self of reuniting and complete merging with their Twin Flame, the yin and yang of completion. These Light Houses have the highest upgraded DNA at this time that can be accessed in the current energies on the Planet. They are simply front runners of preparation.  Caduceus [key], wing-topped staff, with two snakes winding about it, carried by Hermes, given to him (according to one legend) by Apollo. This is a mythology of knowledge sharing, not just a staff.

The symbol of two intertwined snakes appeared early in Babylonia…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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