Introducing Yeshua’s Higher-Self – Channeler Jose Sanchez – 10-31-14

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Channeler Jose Sanchez

I am sharing with much love and humility, this new message I received from someone very dear to me. Keep an open heart and do not focus on mere words but the powerful force behind them.




Over two thousand years ago I was sent by the Father to change the world. Much took place in the realms unseen by men. Life flourished and light began to take hold of your planet. Through my visit your reality began to change, it was then darkness began as well to demand a greater presence in your reality and through such a feeling, they began to make themselves known at a larger scale. The balance was shifted slowly and through many wars they succeeded in changing the course of your reality away from what my presence had achieved.

Our Father saw fit to allow such experience because it…

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Nadine Grant – Exploring The Universe Through The Chakras – Our Interdimensional Travel System To Self – – 10-30-14

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by Nadine Grant  /  guest writer for

The chakras are energy vortexes, in Sanskrit, Energy wheels or discs that preside over certain power fluctuations within our soul’s cellular imprints. Those who work with their energies and the energies of others, know that in order to heal the body, the mind and the very seed of our souls – the doorways to those trails of potential evolution are located within the chakras.  We travel the universe interdimensionally and flout the rules of time when we explore the chakras in the meditative state. Any issues in life – health, addiction, mental clarity or lack thereof, anger management problems, social anxiety, repeated experiences of sexual abuse, whatever the core underlying experience one is having difficulty with, can be attributed to an energy that is blockading or influencing one or more of these centres.

Life-force imbalances exist in energy form…

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The Oracle Report

Friday, October 31, 2014


An Hour with An Angel – Archangel Michael on Sustainability and Community 10/30 by InLight Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

An Hour with An Angel – Archangel Michael on Sustainability and Community 10/30 by InLight Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

Iréne Alomar ~ 31st of October 2014

I see a world devoid of words (that we use in the 3dimension) so we do not mention them here because they are obsolete, outdated or have vanished altogether.

Words like teamwork, co-operation, consensus, understanding, tolerance, loving kindness, sharing, appreciation, gratefulness and simplicity are there.

What is best for the whole of course.

It will be nice and smooth and the space for laughters and fun will exist too.

Differences, if any, will be settled by themselves or by a council of elders with a lot of wisdom.

Youth will have mentors from the older generations.

I see that people are more relaxed, sleep better, work better, move much more and use their bodies more.

When they rest at night they are more content with themselves since they are more in touch with themselves, their feelings and needs.

People come up with ideas and share them amongst themselves, no competition.

I can see it with my mind´s eye and can taste it too. It tastes good, very good to me.

Thanks for listening.

gratitude, love, harmony, serenity, peace, light and JOY!

Ariah Velasquez-Elmore – My Ascension Story! – 10-27-14

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The first shift truly occurred while working with the Pleiadians adjusting my sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the universal patterns that make up the Universe including the physical body.
In a meditation from a book I read, it had the Pleiadians guiding readers into adjusting this to be tuned to higher dimensional vibrations and frequencies. I made the request and in a matter of seconds a huge surge of energy so strong I could barely breathe rushed through my body.
I felt fear surface as it felt like my physical body could not possibly contain the divine force that was moving through me. Telepathically, I asked for them to slow down, and they immediately did. I must say, now that I know what it lead to, I kind of wished I had found out what would have happened if I fully surrendered immediate enlightenment? That would be wonderful!

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Mahala Gayle – Planet Alert November 2014 – Are You Experiencing Major Ascension Symptoms? – 10-30-14

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Are you experiencing major Ascension symptoms? I sure have been and a lot of my friends have also been experiencing physical challenges. I ended up in the emergency room on October 1, 2014 with extreme high blood pressure and when they gave me medicine to take it down I went into shock with a major reaction to the medicine. It has not been fun and I am still reeling from that event with heart palpitations, which many of us are experiencing, and head pain, etc. I know I am in major transformation and when I am going through something I also know that other people are doing the same thing. I had to take it easy for a couple of weeks. I am fine now even if I am still feeling some symptoms. I just wanted to share in case you have been going through the same thing.


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