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Conjunctions are rare events where two or more objects will appear extremely close together in the night sky. The two bright planets will come unusually close to each other, only a quarter of a degree, in the early morning sky. Also, the beehive cluster in the constellation Cancer will be only 1 degree away. Look to the east just before sunrise. From

This is a day for a link up of hearts and consciousness. Please see for more details. The most powerful form of healing is to see and acknowledge the person, country, world as already healed, whole, loving and at peace. By doing this we connect through our divine Source within us to all others and move beyond duality and fear seeing the divine reality that really exists and so allowing the person, country, world to be it.

This means Regulus is sighted before the Sun on this day. Regulus is the brightest star in constellation of Leo and the Sphinx was aligned to it in the Age of Leo opposite Aquarius.
The  star essence is; “I am the bounty and abundance of God’s glory and gifts, a heart full of Divine Love and Joy, the eternal flow from Source.
The return of your strength through love, your Golden Self and the Golden Age, the light of Source illuminates and aligns you”.

AUGUST 25/26  VIRGO NEW MOON 2.18 degrees
This new moon is very important, It marks the beginning of a big shift. We have already moved through the doorway, been in a big cleanse and integration period and now at this new moon we are being swept along in a cosmic flow of massive proportions that will assist us all in the great changes that are going to take place.
When I was at Stonehenge in October last year I was told about this New Moon.
“ There is a process that is taking place and the Earth will move according to the rhythm of the stars it will be ten more new moons and then will start to move, so Virgo New Moon next year”, which is now.
I am not sure exactly what will happen, I usually do not know until it is happening, but I am guided to go to a very important vortex that I have worked at over years now for the new Sun, new Stars and new light codes.

FIRST LIGHT TIME 26th 2.13am   AUST EST 12.13am
GMT/UTC 2.13pm 25th August

The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. The Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon so it is a powerful time of union on all levels and with the inner male and female also.

Read also about the moon as the final initiation
In Virgo we get the opportunity to go within to work on our health on all levels and it is a good time to make steps towards doing some positive things for your body and well being.
Virgo is also of service and where we serve our self and others lovingly and from the purity of our heart? In the esoteric sense it is also the Christ energy so with the Sun and Moon both in Virgo you can access your divine self, the selfless being who has no agenda but pure Being.

Much can be achieved on this New Moon in your journey to unity, selfless service, surrender and peace within and for all creation. Open to your Celestial home and allow yourself to be open to your Hearts hidden depths and the Source where your essence gains its sustenance. Know that you are not alone but one with all creation, allow yourself to flow freely through all your filaments of Light and for the Light of your true self to radiate through your being. This is also a time to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings. Gaining compassion and a sense of selflessness in loving service to humanity by being the divine aspect you are from within. In order to really serve humanity and have compassion for others we need to be from our divine self and see it in all humanity, as a living Christ seeing yourself and others as already healed and divine.
With the energies of the Sun and Moon in Virgo the Earth Goddess and nurturer, time of new seeds planted or harvest depending on what hemisphere you live. The time of bounty and abundance of the gifts our mother gives, with gratitude in our hearts we open the doorway to the New Earth. There have been many light workers and light beings working to anchor the New Earth for many years now, and it is here for all of us, but the doorway is through the heart and in Love and peace. Now is the time for all humanity to awaken to the reality of the New Earth and to acknowledge that we create it right now.
See yourself there in the New Earth and how you live and function. It may seem that it’s in your future but in the stillness, in ‘ No Time ’ where all is manifest, it is now. You choose it with each moment; how you think, feel, act. If it’s in love and service, compassion and allowing then you are in the New Earth. If you still have trouble being in the loving essence of your true self then ask the Goddess, the Devi, the Mother to help you now to feel the love in your heart, and accept yourself in all your prisms, dimensions and worlds as you are, with unconditional love and acceptance. As you ask to feel the love in your heart and allow it to grow and shine.

Please read about the New Earth
At this time the energies of the Sun and Moon are utilized and infused in love vibrations from the Greater Central Sun to assist the doorway opening, this is the next step in becoming co-creators consciously creating the New Earth.
How do you see the New Earth? The energies of the New Earth being higher dimensional naturally express harmony, beauty, radiance and light.
Whether you are able to get to a vortex or portal for the day or in your sacred space you may wish to come on a Journey with  Rainbow Dragon that assists us to awaken to the New Earth.

The Diamond Light Matrix has been reactivated since 2009 with all the great Diamonds around the Earth, most in the oceans and lakes, some 19kms in circumference, smaller ones as well. All in the higher dimensions and placed around the Earth in the second cycle by the Sirians for this time. When we would remember our multi-dimensional self and the unlimited being we are, from the source within, the peace within and with all creation. We are a Diamond.
The Diamond with its multi-prismed, multi-faceted, sacred geometry expresses the life force of the Universe from the Source within, the Diamond Lights of your Soul and Source. The Diamond can be utilised by us to attune us to Source within our Heart, the Diamond of the Unseen, the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional Diamond of our true essence with the filaments of Light, the Holograms of our Love that radiate rainbows of life force/light creating worlds within worlds. The Diamond allows us to experience our multi-dimensional self while still in a physical body and assists us to activate the cellular memory and DNA as we open up to our expanded awareness and purpose, our vision and clarity, inner strength and union our radiance, we are a Diamond.
The Diamond which is also the shape of the octahedron allows the energy to flow from the Source through it in spiralling vortexes of life force energy/light and as it reaches the bottom apex flows back up the central channel and out the top apex surrounds the diamond/octahedron. If you do this through yourself with the centre of the diamond/octahedron at your heart chakra several times you will feel the chi/prana/life-force zinging through your body. In the bigger picture we come out of the white hole and back through the black hole and through the cross-over point into the new creation. The diamond lights are all linked in the eternal flow . Read More
If you are able to; go to a place where you sense the Diamond energy, or there is a Diamond.
The Diamond energy is everywhere, so where ever you are you will be in the Diamond Light Matrix.
Aware of Diamonds in all of your Chakras , from Earth Star Chakra to Cosmic Gateway.
Then One Chakra, then the Diamond Light through all your cells, and bodies and the ethers and earth and beyond, in your Diamond Body of Light.
Aware of all the great Diamonds around the Earth and the Diamond Light Matrix that links them.
You may feel guided to sing in the higher octaves,
within the Diamond you are and all your facets shinning bright,
and so through all the great Diamonds in the Earth and the Diamond Light Matrix…
See the Diamond Light illumination Workbook
for your Diamond Light Body and much more.

The blue giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Neptune. Due to its extreme distance from Earth, it will only appear as a tiny blue dot in all but the most powerful telescopes .


Permission is given to copy and redistribute these Cosmic Events on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.
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