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Our reality is programmed to appear in a chronological Time sequence that we perceive to be finite and linear. This Time sequence is facilitated by a grid that surrounds the Earth.  It acts like a server.  Through the grid, the various programs of Time are inserted as holographic realities.  So entire civilizations are inserted as programs into the grid server.  And all of these programs are running simultaneously.

Since the birth of our planet billions of years ago, it has been surrounded by grids.  Until December 21, 2012, the grid consisted of a geometric matrix that was based solely on a mathematically finite number.  Its geometric shape created a reality that was artificial.

But, in 1992, the configuration for a new grid was defined.  The new grid is a formation of hexagonal geometric shapes that exists within a Crystalline sphere.  This new Crystalline…

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Metacognition – Energetic Synthesis

Consistent meditation through which one acquires increasing mental flexibility is not only stress-reducing, but it improves what is known as ‘metacognition’, which gives the ability to observe thought processes or events as they occur non-judgmentally. Metacognition is defined as “cognition about cognition”, or “knowing about knowing”. It comes from the root word “meta”, meaning beyond. Metacognition can take many forms; it includes knowledge about when and how to apply particular strategies for self-awareness, learning or for problem solving, which is a part of the process of self-actualization and developing wisdom. There are generally two components of metacognition: knowledge about cognition, and the regulation of cognition. Continue reading “Metacognition – Energetic Synthesis”

The First Wave of Ascension – Matt Kahn – | Higher Density Blog

The First Wave of Ascension – Matt Kahn – | Higher Density Blog.

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide, yoga teacher, and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Whether you directly receive this healing transmission of presence in one-on-one sessions, at their meditation gatherings, or at an upcoming retreat, Matt and Julie joyfully serve the evolution of your soul’s wisdom with grace, love, and compassion.

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Ascension update: Creating in the New & Divine Will


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my video about creating in the New and Divine Will. Recently I was guided to create a sequence of short videos that dive into different aspects of our Being in the New. What does it mean to be more higher dimensional? How does our Soul expansion into the higher frequencies look like?

Inspiration for the Week – The Greatest Gift You Can Give > Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

Feeling free to be yourself is the greatest gift you can give.

I remember when I was nervous about speaking to a group a number of years ago. Trying to be helpful someone advised, “Just be yourself. You’ll be fine.”

But to me that was not good news. For the most part I had no idea who I was at that time. Then again, I was not too fond of the parts of me I did know, so expressing that did not seem to be an option. Also I was remembering when I was growing up none of what seemed to be truly me was acceptable to my family or to those in authority. How could I express that?

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Pain, Wounds and Forgiveness > Joy and Clarity

Sometimes you fall. You scratch your knees, and it hurts. You are experiencing pain, and as long as you deal with it in that moment, it may sting for a short while, but then you move on. If you don’t hold on to the pain, you will be fine.

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