LuminanceRiver – The Magical Gateway that is the Equinox – 3-15-14

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I am seeing that the Equinox is a magical gateway, and I saw that as a doorway like one made of stones in Machu Picchu that I once saw. It was somewhat different than the photo shown here as it is a doorway and freestanding. It delineates sacred temple space like passing from the ordinary consciousness into sacred space, if you were in an ancient ritual. We are stepping into a more sacred consciousness all the time and especially this Equinox. See yesterday’s message about the Equinox, with toning, tuning and “at one ment.” Today’s message below has even more goodies for us to anticipate on and after March 20th.

What Potentials do the Equinox Energies have for us?

Each person is opening up like lotus flowers, at a different way; and we experience the energies at any given time in different ways. However there are potentials and possibilities…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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