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AngelicView:  This NDE’er (Near Death Experiencer) not only has a great story to tell, but he’s also one heck of a writer! He was completing his training as a Marine just as a Flesh-Eating Virus was about to over-take him. Because of the way the questionnaire is set up, the stories sometimes feel a bit fragmented, but I’m going to try to put this one in order the best I can for you. Definitely a must-read (if you are interested in the subject, that is). By the way, the emphasis placed on certain words or groups of words in italics are my own. Thanks so much to Scot for sharing your story :)

I was very self serving, I was derogatory towards people I thought were different than myself.  I was a bit racist, I was stereotypical and judgmental.  I had the absurd notion that I could change people and that…

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HOW TO READ OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY ~ Judith Orloff,M.D. | The Galactic Free Press

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From – Jan. 30. 2014

HOW TO READ OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY ~ Judith Orloff,M.D. | The Galactic Free Press.

Open Hand Foundation – Ten vital areas of Inner Purification

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In our recent video diary Transformation of Humanity, we spoke of the pressing need for people everywhere to reclaim our spiritual power in order to transform society into a new paradigm: to prevent immanent, wholesale, takeover by the industrial military complex, fueled by a behind-the-scenes Opposing Consciousness. We spoke of the need for Non-compliance with the unjust ways of the old fear based reality. Non compliance flows hand in hand with inner purification. So if we become intently committed to the spiritual path, we’ll find ourselves cleansing the old consciousness inwardly, which then in itself unravels the outer threads of the matrix…

What ways can purify our inner world?

  1. Food:
    For me, food must come top of the list. Food is energy and what you take into your system, energetically becomes a part of you. There is probably nothing more divisive and destructive to sentient life right now…

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Q&A: Where Are My Miracles When I Need Them? > Uriel Heals

Dear Jennifer: You recently wrote about how the ‘miracle is in the moment, not in the movement’. I can’t find miracles in any part of my life right now as I’m struggling every day just to keep my sanity as everything in my life is not working. How can I find a miracle in this mess when all I can do is try to stand my ground as I’m watching my life come apart and am trying not to get so depressed that I won’t be able to do anything at all?

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New Study: Meditation Alters Genes Rapidly, Triggers Molecular Changes

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“If you are a practitioner of meditation, the results of a new study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology will likely come as no surprise. But for some scientists, the revelation that meditating can actually trigger molecular changes is groundbreaking.”

New Study: Meditation Alters Genes Rapidly, Triggers Molecular Changes – Waking Times.