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Children of the Sun Foundation

This is part 2 to our recent release, Morphogenetic Field Implosion, which discusses the subject matters of morphic resonance and the human body’s process of conscious metamorphosis. Audio support: Brain Circuitry Upgrade.

With its relentless solar flares and a magnetic field that is set to flip, our sun continues to be a major catalyst of an aggressive, planetary wide repolarization.
People everywhere are feeling the transforming effects of a super amplified energy field that is now entering. From physical body changes to non-stop ‘downloads’ and developing new abilities, the intensity of upgrade is undeniable.
Could it be that the cosmic rays rippling through our sun are recoding our atomic structures to quicken our vibratory spin? Certainly with less density, we can translate greater spectrums of light frequency. We may even transition out of our carbon skinsuits and into that of multidimensional silicon crystal!


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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