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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal, forgive

Moon: Virgo/Libra

A lovely day calls for a lovely rose.  October brings many beautiful things, and one of them is a month when the Moon is in Libra two times.  It’s easy to bask in Libra’s energy of harmony and kindness.  But in addition to this today, we have Venus moving into conjunction with the Galactic Center, our spiritual home.  Beauty and love begin pouring in.

The energy of the Galactic Center projects form into matter.  When planets move into the same location in the sky as the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius 22), the energy harmonizes and brings us increased power to form, shape, mold, and sculpt reality.  The Sabian symbol for the Galactic Center is “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.”  So the power to imprint the energy is strong and whatever is pushed or focused upon today strongly impacts the future.

Instead of focusing on anything fear-based today (which is already strongly imprinted into the day’s energy), we will continue to blaze the heart-fire that was stoked yesterday.  It is amplified when we connect with our physical home – Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia.  We access her when we tune in to nature with our senses, especially sight, smell, and touch.

This energy is couched within the Balsamic Moon phase, the time when the veils between the worlds is thinnest.  We want to throw off any negative thoughts before we wander back into darkness (the “coal mine” for those who have followed this lunar month’s Sabian symbol “miners emerging from a deep coal mine”).  Negativity imprints just as readily as positivity, so be mindful of your focus and go outside if you start going backward.  This is not the day to get lost in that place because it is all too easy to get carried away.

Shadow sides are being projected all over the place right now.  People are putting onto others what they themselves are saying, doing, and feeling.  Balsamic phase is the time to release all of that.  Give over to the planet that which you cannot or do not want to handle.  Don’t go into denial and don’t try to pin it on other people.  Just let it go or shoot it with one of Sagittarius the Archer’s arrows.  (The arrow in the constellation of The Archer is aimed at the degree of the Galactic Center.)

Venus will make the exact conjunction with the Galactic Center on Friday, November 1, 2013, at 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm UTC.  It is an ideal time for a group meditation, and all are invited.  We will aim our attention toward the Galactic Center with the intention of re-coding or re-setting the energetic imprint of the day to love of life.  Of course, we have to walk our talk and actually be in love with the idea of life and its principles, especially freedom of the mind and freedom to actualize potential.  We do aim high!

Keep that heart fire roaring!

(Many thanks to Lady Pinkrose at for allowing me to use her photograph.)


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