Latest Message from Archangel Michael


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2013

“Beloved masters, the process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity.  This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of truth.”

Latest Message from Archangel Michael / Ronna Herman.

Soul-Growth And Relationships

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by Romeo Baron

Thousands of people all over the planet are shifting into higher states of consciousness and this is reflecting in our everyday relationships with people and society all around us.”

Soul-Growth And Relationships | The Galactic Free Press.

Eclipse ~ What Happens in Our Bodies

Eclipse ~ What Happens in Our Bodies

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“The following is an excerpt taken from my third book “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three,” from the writing Eclipse.  A friend suggested I add this to the blogs since we have an upcoming solar eclipse this Sunday, November 3. Slow down and allow the energies to penetrate your being.”

Eclipse ~ What Happens in Our Bodies | The Galactic Free Press.

Lokah Samasta – May All Beings Be Happy

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Lokah Samasta – May All Beings Be Happy – Deva Premal & Miten | Higher Density Blog.