Marylin Raffaele ~ AUGUST 31, 2013

AUGUST 31, 2013


Zach C. Miller ~ The Universe is Comprised of Information

Quantum Physics Has Confirmed It – The Universe is Comprised of Information: Here’s What it Means

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Flickr - Holographic Soul - 2012, Information of the universe !!!Zach C. Miller, Natural News
Waking Times

“As quantum physics can now confirm, the universe we live in is not made up of solid objects but of energy and information.”

The Oracle Report


Saturday, August 31, 2013

I will post daily reports this weekend, instead of one post for both days.  Things are happening quickly and wise owls are called upon to remain firmly grounded while simultaneously squeezing some joy out of life.

But the squeeze is also on us, with a strong wave of energy to throw us into depression, hopelessness, fear, doubt, and self-loathing.  It’s easy to tip this way under current astrological aspects.  There is much confusion being crafted to shroud events.

Today is Bhairavi’s final effort to fortify our hearts toward brave and call up our inner hero.  Let her do her work.  Focus on re-aligning, revising, revisioning, and reorienting.  This works best when we assume responsibility for our actions and then let it go.

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun today is “an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing.”  It speaks to the power to project plans into the future.  The Sun is amping up the power of our minds, so let’s focus on our highest desire.

(Note for astrologers: Forces opposed to the collective of humanity are pivoting off the Black Moon-Pluto energy with the Sun in trine to Pluto; the Sun sextile the Black Moon, Saturn, and the South Node; the Sun trine the North Node; and the Sun opposing Chiron.  They are working with this current energy to empower their imprint from the Black Moon- Pluto opposition last Thursday.  This is the energy they will use to further war.)

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Tom Kenyon ~ Transition States of Consciousness

Transition States of Consciousness

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon


“Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathors, Earth has entered a Chaotic Node and, as a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

Transition States of Consciousness are what the Hathors call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

Perceptual markers are a term the Hathors use to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses.”


Ronna Herman ~ LM-09-2013


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-09-2013

Beloved masters, after you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you were programmed with the knowledge that you were predestined to journey forth into the great unmanifested void as an emissary of Light. Your Divine Mission was encoded deep within your Immortal Soul-self, as well as within your Sacred Heart Seed Atom. You, along with all the other “awakened Sparks of Self-awareness,” were destined to experience all the wondrous diversity of creation for the Creator, our Father/Mother God, and all the great Beings of Light, whose predetermined mission mandated that they would remain in the higher, rarified realms of Light.

We tell you this because we wish to impress upon you how ancient and complex you are. You came into this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge and a rich, composite lineage encoded within your DNA, your cellular structure, your mental and emotional bodies, as well as an extensive chakra system of virtues, qualities and talents. Continue reading “Ronna Herman ~ LM-09-2013”