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Published on Jul 26, 2013

Intention and Attention — A Critical Key to Changing the World

Now that the glue that held the electromagnetic field of 3rd dimension together has dissolved, our ability to create exceeds anything that has ever been available to us in the past. Intention and attention are more potent than ever before because the consciousness and applications are now much more available to us. When properly understood, clearly focused intention allows for more dynamic creation to occur almost instantly.

As a pioneer of the original intention experiments, Emeritus Professor Stanford University, Dr William Tiller has proven that focused intention has the power to transform the pH balance of water over thousands of miles. Now, in collaboration with pediatric speech language pathologist, Suzy Miller, their Autism Intention Experiment is proving that focused intention can create meaningful alterations both in the behavior of children diagnosed with autism.

In this episode, Dr. William Tiller joins Jim in a riveting discussion that draws upon Dr. Tiller’s 40+ years of research into psychoenergetics and the power of intention to influence change to explain:

*Why the creative process is now available at levels it’s never been before

*Why the most influential intentions are those that are created with a crystal clear focus

*How that Christed light them becomes a laser beam that people are irresistibly drawn to

*How we can use focused intention to create peaceful, meaningful change in ourselves as well as in the world around us

*Why it’s so important to truly understand the power of intention and attention… and much more

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